Keyword Research

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Keyword research (or sometimes called keyword optimization) is one of the most important factor in search engine optimization. It is really good if a user find your brand by typing a lead generating query in the search engine box. Basically keywords help us to the thoughts and desires of your target market. How an online business can get leads, it totally depends on the ranking of website on particular keywords. When you conduct research to find out the right keywords, you actually know about the search terms which your customers are used to fulfill their needs.

Our professional search engine optimizers have years of experience to identify the right and lead generating keywords for your specific niche through extensive research. Due to this process, you actually:

  • Understand what your customer is actually looking for?
  • Identify what trends are currently present in your specific niche.
  • Make sure to use these appropriate keywords in your website as well as content.
  • Raise the performance of SEO and PPC as well by targeting the right and relevant keywords.

For keyword research of your online brand, we require:

  • Brand name of your business
  • Website of your business
  • Specific niche/industry of your business
  • Products/services you are offering
  • Target market

Either your business has body keywords or long tail keywords, both have their own importance to get leads. Body keywords have more competition but it doesn’t mean that there is no importance of long tail keywords. So, long tail are targeted first. Remember that it’s essential not to only understand the demand of the given keyword but also the working required to get high ranks in Google’s SERP. So by understanding this keyword difficulty, our experienced keyword optimizers smartly work through research and select the right keywords for your brand.