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A creative cover at your DVD makes it attractive and gives a cool look. Our industry's leading professional designers are expert in creating interactive DVD covers, DVD sticker design, DVD case labels and much more. DVD art is used in a wide range of industry from entertainment to software. We have the capability to serve all these industries to satisfy our valued customers.

We focus on all the basic elements required for an eye catching DVD Cover. Our dedicated DVD design teams that comprises of great technical skills and experience, make sure that our DVD covers are designed in such a way that they serve you in a professional manner like:
  • Catch the attention of the audience - jump out of the rack in which the DVD is showcased
  • Iconic depiction of the landing - without telling the whole story
  • Draw interest from the audience - creates a sense of curiosity
  • Targets the fan based audience and non-fan based audience at the same time
  • Makes sure that the modern design techniques are followed but consistent with the theme
By providing unlimited revisions till satisfaction, our DVD covers are not just a depiction of our professional excellence but also shows how much we believe in studying the customers and their products.

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