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Catalogs are the most powerful marketing tool for any brand. If you get the world know about your products or services, catalogs are smart marketing initiatives. Even after the sale of the products/services, customers still have your catalogs to remember your brand or even sometimes, purchasing from you again. But it happens only in that condition when your catalog is designed creatively with all necessary features & information required by the customers. So, our professionals design catalogs in such a way that they are eye-catching for the viewers, because catalogs with hasty glance are directly thrown into the recycling bin.

We design custom catalogs for you by using effective images, font size and formats that truly target your audience. When our experts design a catalog for you, they keep in mind that it should be large enough to display your all products and services. Our designed catalogs have the following features:

  • Double sided catalog design.
  • Shapes according to your choice, leaf-shaped, rounded corners, one round corner, or any other you want.
  • Unlimited revision till customer’s satisfaction.
  • Horizontal as well as vertical catalogs.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • 300+/400+ dpi file.
  • Basic Printready jpeg files.
  • Friendly customer support.

To design your creative brochure, we require from your side:

  • Logo of your brand.
  • Content of the catalog (grammar checked).
  • The colors that you will prefer.
  • Briefing about the catalog.

The performance of a catalog is tied to how well it sells. The factor matters is that which age group you are targeting through your catalog. Catalogs for young audience will drastically be different from the catalogs designed for the old folks. If you want to design catalogs for both age factor people, you have to work on multiple design of catalogs. So, our creative designers keep all things in their mind to highlight the quality and uniqueness of their work.