Android Mobile App Mockup Design

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Having a team of more than 10+ graphic designers, we have an exceptional track record of designing the most challenging and interesting mock ups covering not only US but Middle East countries as well. After careful analysis of the project scope, a joint meeting is held along with Sr. iOS and Android developers to ensure the graphic team is well connected in delivering a master piece with not more than one revision at maximum. We believe in providing the next level app designs which are trendy, catchy and pleasing at the same time with a "Wow" factor to it.

The main question is that why mockup of a mobile app is necessary? Actually the mockup is closer to the real visualization of apps. Like using mockups for web design, presenting a mockup design of mobile app is also a great way to showcase yourself to your clients. Mobile app mockups help clients to give them a basic idea and structure about their app which you are creating. So, it is an essential part for a successful mobile app and considered as highly useful element as a part of documentation. Our team of highly qualified designers create mockups for your Android mobile app with the following specifications:

  • Capacitating our clients to visualize mockups in an authentic environment.
  • If the mockups are long, they are converted into different scrollable screens.
  • After creation, we turn static mockups into interactive prototypes within minutes.
  • Linking hotspots as well as screens to indicate your audience a real-life user interactions.
  • Setting variable transitions that can easily fit on the style of any presentation.
  • Use of GIF animation to indicate unusual interactions as well as custom UI animations.

So, with the above specifications, Android mobile app mockups are designed for you at a very reasonable rates. We know that mockups and prototypes are very important in the early stages of app development. The reason is that problems in the design are identified in the early stages. So, all the businesses prefer mockup design first before creating their Android apps. Our creative team designs and then explain the best mockups of Android apps by clarifying the concepts.