2D & 3D Modeling/Rendering

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We create professional 2D and 3D designs from your own sketches and images at very reasonable rates. Either you want to create architectural and engineering designs of houses or buildings, construction details, etc. Anything you want, we are here for your ease. We also provide the best high resolution rendering of models into images.

3D modeling has been very popular over the last few years. Our team specializes in Digital Sculpting. We specialize in transforming your imagination into reality.

There are three types of Digital Sculpting that we offer:
  • Displacement: It is one of the widely used methods. It contains a dense model that is generated using polygon control mesh.
  • Volumetric: It is a loosely based model based on voxels. It has similar capabilities as the first method but it does not have enough polygons in one region that lead to deformation.
  • Dynamic Tessellation: it is one the finest way of digital modeling; it divides the surface using triangulation to maintain a smooth surface and allow finer details.
Professional team at Techzo is capable of transforming any model, mechanism or object into reality. We help the client to model any idea into a 3D form so that he can easily represent it in any project or presentation.