Social Media Strategies

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Social Media Strategies

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Have you researched what is included in social media marketing?

A plan which includes your goals and objectives to help build a successful online presence. 

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#1 Whats your business goal?

Every piece of information on your business serves as a goal for your social media marketing strategy. You have to look closely at your business over all needs and make decision regarding how social media can contribute in reaching your revenue targets. 

Do you want to increase brand awareness, retaining customers and reducing your paid marketing efforts? If this is part of the over all needs, you really need social media service. 

#2 Marketing Objectives

Goals are useful if you set them to define how you get from Point A to Point B through setting marketing objectives to measure your brand success. 

Setting up for failure is never a good thought, if you set an objective to increase sales thousand times, it is doubtful that you will achieve the target, instead setting up realistic targets will help you achieve your objective within the given resources. 

Make a plan down the road for a quarter for social media marketing & Search Engine Optimization simultaneously. Measure monthly performance of your objectives, if the graph tend to incline then the strategy is working exactly the way it was planned. If not, its time to revise your strategy for good. Right direction can take your brand to the next level in terms of online presence, increasing fans and converting fans to repeat customers. 

#3 Research Competition 

When it comes to online presence, research about your competitors. It helps you stay on top of the game and it also gives you an idea of whats working so you can integrate the same successful strategies to allow your business to grow. 

#4 Create Content Strategy

Content and social media have a strong relationship, without great content, your social media has no meaning and with out social media you have no value to your content. Both needs to stay together to reach and converts your fans to customers. 

There are three major components including, graphic design, content writing and social media posting. 

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